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.@HillaryClinton, PLEASE HELP ME get to my friends in #Haiti

7 Oct

Secretary Clinton~


I need your help.  You regularly say that we are “Stronger Together.”  I couldn’t agree more.  I’ve found such purpose in serving a small village in Haiti, named Marfranc.  The joy of my friends there is unlike any joy I’ve seen in my American friends and family.

I first went to Haiti in 2009, right before the earthquake.  That was all it took for me to fall in love.  In 3 weeks, I hope to make my 8th trip with New Life for Haiti to bring medical care to some of the poorest people in the world.  Here’s the problem…we have no ability to connect with anyone in the southern peninsula (near Jeremie).  It’s been several days, and no communication, whatsoever.  I even exchanged tweets with Haiti’s First Lady.  She was kind and gracious, but said that even she had no information about the fate of the people of Marfranc.  CBS Chicago interviewed me last night about it, but I still have no more information.

Would you be so kind as to help me find out what happened in Marfranc?  Are our friends alive?  Are they injured and desperate?  Do they have clean water?  Were their crops washed away?  Is an outbreak of cholera just around the bend?  All of these issues are keeping me up and night, and that’s why I’m reaching out to you.

Would you help us?  We need to do a survey trip next week, but we don’t have the logistical expertise that you have access to.

I’m stronger with my Haitian brothers and sisters.  Please help us get to them.


With hope & prayers, together,


Pastor Neil Schori


Haiti, Pat Robertson, and Following Jesus

13 Jan

Yesterday, Port-au-Prince, Haiti experienced their worst earthquake in 200 years.  It registered at 7.0 on the Richter Scale, and there have been many aftershocks since that have further terrified a shaken and already deeply impoverished nation.  The scope of the earthquake is frighteningly vast, having been felt all over Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and in Cuba.  The death-toll will be staggering, as well, as The Drudge Report says there may be 500,000 dead.

As if they haven’t had enough garbage to deal with in the last 24 hours, Pat Robertson has decided that he’s figured out exactly why this has happened.  And it is all about Divine retribution because Pat claims that Haiti had a pact with the devil.  Interesting that he knows what God was thinking so clearly.  Pat also claimed in 2005 that Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for the sinfulness of New Orleans.  That is strange because God missed the really sinful part if that is true.  The French Quarter is where all of the crazy Mardi Gras celebrations happen each year.  Don’t you think that God would have hit them if he was really punishing New Orleans?  Strangely, The French Quarter was one of the only places that stayed dry when Hurricane Katrina hit.  Hmmmm…

I’m sick of talk-a-lot Christianity.  The truth is that we don’t know why Katrina happened or why the tsunami hit or why the earthquake hit Haiti.  But here is what we do know:

If we are to claim to follow Jesus, then we need to offer the most compassion and tangible assistance on the ground-level of ANY tragedy.

We can read our Bibles all day long and NOT be changed.  We can wildly speculate like Pat Robertson.  Or…we can take what we know about Jesus and actually do something with it.  What if we really did that?  Then people that make ridiculous statements like Pat’s would not be trending topics on Twitter and we could re-claim what I believe Christianity is actually all about.

Let’s try some Christianity with ACTION…otherwise known as Christianity.  Give money to New Life for Haiti and help some rural Haitians re-start their lives by re-building their homes.

My two cents,


New Life for Haiti

24 Nov

Just yesterday I got back from a week long odyssey to Haiti.  I went with a group named New Life for Haiti, headed up by my friend, Pastor Fran Leeman.  We flew from Chicago to Miami, then on to Port-au-Prince.  We stayed overnight at the Matthew 25 house, which is run by a great couple, Patrick and Vivian.

In the morning, we were driven by a wonderful old nun to the airport and then we flew to Jeremie, Haiti, which is on the southern peninsula of Haiti.  Wow, what a culture shock!!  The airport had one landing strip and the actual airport looked more like an abandoned gas station in the US.

We were picked up at the airport by Steve Moore and Josh Ridgely.  Steve and his wife, Joline have lived in Haiti for 14 years now, and the are amazingly fluent in Creole, the native language of Haiti.  Creole is sort of a phonetic French.  Josh is in the middle of a month long stay with his wife, Shauna and there boys, Jacob and Quinton.  They are considering becoming staff members of New Life for Haiti.

We drove the 12 miles from Jeremie to the little village of Marfranc.  While the driving distance was short, it took about an hour, as the roads are NOT what we in the US think of as roads.  They are rough and rugged and filled with roosters, pigs, and people with water jugs on their heads.  AND…there are seemingly no rules for driving in Haiti.  If you can drive there, you drive there, period.

I will share more about the trip later, as I’m just starting my emotional and spiritual processing of the significance of my journey.  But for now, I can say this for sure: the people of Haiti have left a permanent impression on me and God-willing, I will return.

Father, watch over my new friends in Marfranc, Moron, Jeremie, and in Chameau.  May we in the USA never forget why we are blessed…so that we may be a blessing.