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Josh Powell and the Fulfillment of Narcissism

5 Feb

Just over two years ago, Susan Powell disappeared from her Utah home.  Her husband, Josh, shared a not-so believable story about how he had taken his kids on a camping trip and when they returned, Susan was gone.  The story is the same, with different characters and shattered lives.

Today, Josh Powell decided that since he just lost a custody battle for his kids, that no one else would have his kids, either.  Around noon today as a social worker arrived to supervise Josh’s visit with his children, he pulled his kids inside and the house exploded.  Josh and his kids were all killed.

The question I have is: why is anyone surprised?  This is how narcissistic sociopaths operate.  Men who would kill their wives will never have a problem with killing their children.  Yet the courts gave him the rights that he so willingly deprived of his wife and today, of his children.

Today, my prayers are with the survivors.  I’m thankful that Susan Powell’s children are in God’s hands where they cannot ever be touched again by an evil and selfish earthly father.  But we need to wake up as a society and protect the innocent.  Be advocates for abused women and the children that all rely on us to do the right things for them.  Susan can’t be saved now.  Neither can her children.  But the 8 women that will be killed tomorrow in the United States can still be saved.

Today, please go to http://documenttheabuse.com  It will help save lives NOW!