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.@HillaryClinton, PLEASE HELP ME get to my friends in #Haiti

7 Oct

Secretary Clinton~


I need your help.  You regularly say that we are “Stronger Together.”  I couldn’t agree more.  I’ve found such purpose in serving a small village in Haiti, named Marfranc.  The joy of my friends there is unlike any joy I’ve seen in my American friends and family.

I first went to Haiti in 2009, right before the earthquake.  That was all it took for me to fall in love.  In 3 weeks, I hope to make my 8th trip with New Life for Haiti to bring medical care to some of the poorest people in the world.  Here’s the problem…we have no ability to connect with anyone in the southern peninsula (near Jeremie).  It’s been several days, and no communication, whatsoever.  I even exchanged tweets with Haiti’s First Lady.  She was kind and gracious, but said that even she had no information about the fate of the people of Marfranc.  CBS Chicago interviewed me last night about it, but I still have no more information.

Would you be so kind as to help me find out what happened in Marfranc?  Are our friends alive?  Are they injured and desperate?  Do they have clean water?  Were their crops washed away?  Is an outbreak of cholera just around the bend?  All of these issues are keeping me up and night, and that’s why I’m reaching out to you.

Would you help us?  We need to do a survey trip next week, but we don’t have the logistical expertise that you have access to.

I’m stronger with my Haitian brothers and sisters.  Please help us get to them.


With hope & prayers, together,


Pastor Neil Schori



7 Oct

Mr. Trump~

I’m seriously desperate.

It has now been days since Hurricane Matthew devastated the already overwhelmed nation of Haiti.  The current death-toll is standing at 800, and it is sure to rise.  I serve with an incredible volunteer-led organization called New Life for Haiti.  We do a LOT with very little.  It has truly become one of the joys of my life, and I know that could be said for all of our volunteers.  Sadly, the area we serve seems to be unreachable.  Bridges are washed away, cell towers are down, and we have zero communication with the village we love, Marfranc.  I was interviewed on CBS Chicago about it last night…and we still have heard absolutely nothing.

I’ve heard stories of how you’ve quietly helped the “down and out,” before.  Would you do it, again?  Can you help our organization get to the village of Marfranc to check to see what’s happened to the people we’ve served for 11 years?  The people we’ve laughed and cried with.  The people we’ve dreamed with about a better future…for them, and strangely for us, too.

You’re a problem-solving businessman, and I know you can figure out a way to do this.  I guarantee you this…if you help us, you’ll be changed for life in the best possible way.


With gratitude, prayer, and hope,


Pastor Neil Schori