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Cecil the Lion and the American Conscience

31 Jul

Cecil the Lion has become a household name, here in the United States.  As a matter of fact, I don’t recall seeing this much outrage about the killing of an animal…since Michael Vick’s dog-fighting shenanigans.  If you’ve been hiding in a cave recently, let me tell you about Cecil.  He was a beautiful and regal lion who lived in a national park in Zimbabwe, until an American hunter named Walter Palmer went to the African nation and allegedly illegally killed the lion on July 1st.

My heart was saddened.  I’ve always had a soft heart for animals, but to see this former “king of the jungle” lying lifeless next to a smiling hunter made me feel a deep sense of sadness.  Apparently, many people have felt that way, as #CecilTheLion has trended on Twitter for days.  Some have called for new regulations on hunting, and others have called for Walter Palmer to become lion food.

Even more so, I’ve been haunted for days over the lack of perspective that so many of us seem to have, as a nation.  There has been FAR more collective outrage over the killing of Cecil the Lion then there has been over the Planned Parenthood fiasco…at least in the mainstream media.  How sad that the media would talk more about Cecil the Lion than the killing and dismembering of babies (in the name of medical advancement for the living)!

Now some will say that people can be concerned about both issues.  I agree, wholeheartedly!  But…they aren’t the same.  Life is all important, but humans are far more important than animals.  Humans are the only part of creation that God said in Genesis were created “in the image of God.”  My worldview demands that I value humans more than any other part of creation, because God does, too.

Some believe that all life is equal, and should be cared for in the same manner.  If that is true, then are you also outraged by the fact that Planned Parenthood has killed nearly 7,000,000 babies since 1970?  Are you troubled that 58,000,000 babies have been killed since Roe v. Wade became the law of the land in 1973?

If we’re being honest, most of us care more about Cecil the Lion, as evidenced by the blowing up of the interwebs by animal rights activists.  But, you might say: abortion is legal, and hunting endangered animals is not.  True, but is it moral to follow law based on an immoral decision?  I would say not.

So what can we do about this?  I would say that first, we need to find our “True North.”  Our lives’ compasses need to be recalibrated, and quickly.  If we don’t value the next generation more than any animal, then we are in deep trouble.  We’re a nation with blood on our hands and ice in our veins and…consciences that are seared to what is right and good.  May we seek God’s forgiveness for this human holocaust that we’ve put our approval upon.

Secondly, we need to encourage our faith communities to do more than pray and shout outside of abortion clinics.  If I were a woman in crisis (or not in crisis) and was thinking about having an abortion, I’m pretty sure the way to my heart would not be through angry talking points.  What if churches banded together with pregnancy resource centers, and funded the work that they do to put Planned Parenthood out of business?  What if women felt true love from our churches and knew that they would be loved and supported throughout their pregnancies?  I would say that many of them would not have abortions, and would find the love that God intended for them to experience.

Finally, I would encourage everyone who believes in the value of the unborn to speak up.  Raise your voice on social media and in your conversations…in love.  Push Congress to de-fund Planned Parenthood, and vote them out if they don’t.  Sometimes people become anesthetized to current events, and need a chance to process them with loved ones before they see the faultiness of their thinking.

In 2008, in my struggle to choose between Obama and McCain, I had a conversation with someone about the issue of abortion.  I remember saying to my friend that while I believed abortion to be sad, that I leaned toward being pro-choice because I didn’t believe that “morality could be legislated.”  I now believe very differently, thanks to The Center for Medical Progress’s work to expose the sickness of Planned Parenthood.  Morality IS legislated.  Our laws are all based on morality.  It is only “goodness” that can’t be legislated.




Abortion and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

30 Jul

Do you remember last summer when the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went viral? It was incredible to see so many people pour icy-cold water on themselves in the name of finding a cure of the devastating disease, ALS. 17 million people uploaded their videos (me included), and 440 million people watched the videos a total of 10 billion times.  

That is unbelievable reach!

Today on Facebook I read this:
“Every time I see someone complaining about PP (Planned Parenthood) and harvesting stem cells I dig up their ice bucket picture and say “but you supported this…””

The truth is…ALS, according to their website, “primarily funds adult stem cell research,” which means that SOME of their research is done with either tissue of aborted babies, or maybe even from embryonic stem cells which are directly harvested from embryos created for the purpose of scientific research.
This makes me sick to my stomach. Do we really believe that it is right to kill in order to promote life? What kind of non-sensical reality have we found ourselves in?

I love what Pope John Paul II suggested, in a speech to health care workers in 1996: “Every individual man is an end in himself and can never be used as a mere means for reaching other goals…not even in the name of the well-being and progress of the community as a whole.”

So, I’m sorry that I supported the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I will not support any organization that benefits from the killing of babies. The end most certainly does not justify the means.

Dr. George Tiller

1 Jun

Yesterday morning after serving as an usher in his church, Dr. George Tiller was shot to death.  Dr. Tiller was a very controversial doctor.  He was an abortion provider for decades and even performed the extremely controversial procedure of “late-term,” or “partial-birth” abortion.

Let me be clear about this: I am not a supporter of abortion. Let me be clear about something else: I am not a supporter of killing abortion providers.

I’ve seen some seriously ridiculous arguments on Facebook and on various blogs that I regularly read regarding the issue of abortion.  The arguments have ranged from talking about what “pro-life” really means, all the way to some people writing such ridiculous things like “he (Dr. Tiller) got what he deserved.”

This was the most thoughtful and reflective comment that I read all day and it was written by Aaron Monts, a church planter in SF:

“ironic: pro-lifers giddy about the murder of dr. george tiller. question: where’s the consistent ethic of life?”

Now we’re talking!  That cuts through some of the empty rhetoric that I hear from pro-lifers.  As well-intentioned as many pro-lifers may be, intentions are only intentions if they are not accompanied by actions.  Doesn’t it only make sense to claim to be pro-life if you are thoroughly pro-life?!

I have a hard time listening to someone claim to be pro-life while being pro-murder of abortion providers.  There is no justification for such an evil position.

I want to see a new generation of Christ Followers who actually follow Christ.  Wouldn’t that be refreshing?  I want to see pro-lifers actually be consistently pro-life.  And if we manage to do that, we’re going to live out a very costly Christianity…and here’s why:

If we believe that God wants to save babies from mom’s who want out of pregnancy and motherhood, and from abortion providers, then maybe God actually wants us to get our hands dirty in the process.  You know, actually put our money where our loud mouths are.

Maybe God wants us to be-friend and to actually love these scared mothers who have to make such frightening life or death decisions.  And maybe we can show these mothers tangible love by supporting them financially and emotionally or being willing to adopt their children.  Now that sounds like the kind of pro-life movement that God would support.

And that is the only kind of pro-life movement that I support, too.  One that has a loving and consistent ethic of life…all life.  May God give peace to Dr. Tiller’s family and may God break our hearts for what breaks His.