Abortion and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

30 Jul

Do you remember last summer when the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went viral? It was incredible to see so many people pour icy-cold water on themselves in the name of finding a cure of the devastating disease, ALS. 17 million people uploaded their videos (me included), and 440 million people watched the videos a total of 10 billion times.  

That is unbelievable reach!

Today on Facebook I read this:
“Every time I see someone complaining about PP (Planned Parenthood) and harvesting stem cells I dig up their ice bucket picture and say “but you supported this…””

The truth is…ALS, according to their website, “primarily funds adult stem cell research,” which means that SOME of their research is done with either tissue of aborted babies, or maybe even from embryonic stem cells which are directly harvested from embryos created for the purpose of scientific research.
This makes me sick to my stomach. Do we really believe that it is right to kill in order to promote life? What kind of non-sensical reality have we found ourselves in?

I love what Pope John Paul II suggested, in a speech to health care workers in 1996: “Every individual man is an end in himself and can never be used as a mere means for reaching other goals…not even in the name of the well-being and progress of the community as a whole.”

So, I’m sorry that I supported the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I will not support any organization that benefits from the killing of babies. The end most certainly does not justify the means.


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