#Drewpeterson post-verdict work to do—Crisis Management

10 Sep

Last Thursday around 2:30 PM, I received a call from the Will County State’s Attorney, Jim Glasgow. He told me that he had done all that he could do and that now, there was a hold-out juror. There was one juror that was not ready to say that he believed Drew Peterson had killed his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

Mr. Glasgow told me that he needed something beyond himself to do the work to get justice in this case. So we prayed over the phone and then Mr. Glasgow told me to pray like I’d never prayed before. I did just that. And about 5 minutes later, I read the #drewpeterson twitter feed and saw that the jury had reached a verdict. At that moment, I knew that they had come to a conclusion of guilt. They did, and I believe that justice was served after 8 long years for the Savio family.

There is now so much work to do. There are 1.3 million women each year whom are abused by their intimate partners. What a daunting number! There is no way that just a few can do the work that is necessary to make a difference in the lives of these precious women. This will take so many people joining together to change the culture of violence against women.

There are several crucial steps that must be taken. The first is really a matter of the heart. When women get the courage to share their stories of long-suffering, they need to be received well. They need to be taken seriously and not belittled. They need to be heard and they need to responded to in a “present” and caring way.

After women get the courage to tell us their stories, we need to offer them real assistance. This is where churches can step in and do great work in fighting for the oppressed (a key mission of Jesus). Since Stacy Peterson went missing, I’ve been privileged to help several women gain freedom from their wickedly abusive husbands. Using the Evidentiary Affidavit of Abuse (The EAA can be found in Apple stores, today, as an app that can be purchased for $9.99) was the first step.

The EAA was created by Susan Murphy-Milano in response to Stacy Peterson’s disappearance. She approached me and told me that if Stacy had used this tool, that Drew Peterson would already be put away for her murder. The EAA is a legal document that helps a woman tell her story of abuse. Each page is notarized, and it is designed to be both legally sound, and cathartic, in the sense that it is designed to give each woman her voice back which was silenced by the violence of long ago.

After she completes the EAA, she gives a 6-7 minute “verbatim” of the document before video equipment in the church. The video is powerful and effective, and it is instrumental in giving her confidence and a sense of control back to her life. All of the women that have completed this in my presence are still alive and are free from their abusive partners. It is truly a positive and empowering experience.

The second part of the crisis management phase is to find safe places for these women. While there are many shelters that do tremendous jobs of helping women, they are simply not able to do it all. I mentioned earlier that there are 1.3 million women whom are abused each year. There are also around 260,000 churches scattered across the United States. It is my dream to find just 5 loving families in each church in our country willing to be temporary safe places for victims of domestic violence. So few people can make such an incredibly large difference for so many.

That’s enough for now…I’ll post again soon.

Starting to break the silence together,

Neil Schori


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