#Drewpeterson post-verdict work to do—Crisis Management part 2

10 Sep

In my last post I talked about some of the first steps that we need to take to rescue women from their abusive relationships. After doing the groundbreaking Evidentiary Affidavit of Abuse, it is essential to find a safe place for each woman to temporarily live.

But, while it is great to have kind people whom are willing to open their homes and lives, it is essential for there to be education for the families and for the women living with these families. It is important for the families to understand the dynamics of abuse. They also must draw appropriate boundaries and stick with them. Being helpful and kind does NOT mean that you should be treated like a doormat.

Additionally, it is imperative that each abuse victim realizes that they must promise to have ZERO contact with their abuser while living in the temporary location. Any crack in that promise is grounds for being asked to leave immediately. While these safe families will be taking something of a risk anyway, there must be a way to appropriately manage it.

We are fortunate to have a wonderful relationship with Paula Silva, from Focus Ministries. She is an educator, and an encourager. She will be an incredible asset as she leads training sessions for families that are willing to say “yes” to walking down the long road toward liberation for abused women. Her heart is huge and her knowledge is vast. Her love for God and her mission from God are both palpable.

Please get this message out. We WILL continue to make a difference!


Neil Schori


3 Responses to “#Drewpeterson post-verdict work to do—Crisis Management part 2”

  1. Barbara Roberts September 10, 2012 at 4:56 pm #

    sounds like you are doing good work there, Neil.
    If your volunteers ever need any more training, they might like to look at cryingoutforjustice.wordpress.com, which has masses of material about the dynamics of domestic abuse. And they can use the search bar to search for the topic “supporting survivors of abuse”.
    blessings to you.

    • Neil Schori September 10, 2012 at 5:24 pm #

      Thanks, Barbara! Your support is most welcome.

  2. Morven R. Baker September 11, 2012 at 8:38 pm #

    Bless you, Neil, for your continued strong & respected voice for the abused women everywhere. I think there were cheers all over the land when Peterson was taken away, hopefully to have the key thrown away forever. Thank you for whatever part you played in that happening. Maybe now his victims and their families can rest in peace, and I pray that all of his victims’ remains can be found and given the respect they deserve.

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