Hopelessness to Hope for Haiti

6 Mar

Last November I had the honor of going to Marfranc, Haiti for the third time. This trip had some of the same things (delicious food, great scenery, amazing people), but was quite different from the others. I discovered what God wanted me to ‘bring to the table’ in Haiti. And it all stemmed from learning that an 8-year-old boy had been sent home to die because of a perforated bowel.

When I heard that…I immediately knew that I HAD to be part of the solution. The following Sunday, I shared the story with my church family and within hours, a group of world-changers had assembled to make a difference. We came up with two huge goals: 1. To lead a medical mission to Marfranc in 2012 & 2. To bring clean water to the village.

So here’s the deal…we are taking a trip to Marfranc in November of this year! I’ve already met with a doctor and nurse who just want to serve people, and I connected with a pastor who has a church full of medical professionals. They are most likely going to send at least several people to join our team.

Here’s what we need now: several more doctors/nurses/EMT’s to sign-up for this life-changing trip. The cost is $1200/person. If you have been waiting for an opportunity to serve others with your God-given gifts, this is your answer. I’m proud to work with New Life for Haiti and I’m proud to be friends with Pastor Fran Leeman and his church, Lifespring Community Church.

If you are a medical person, I want to hear from you ASAP. Email me today: neil(dot)schori(at)napervillechristian.org Don’t miss out on this opportunity to serve the beautiful people of Marfranc, Haiti. Be a part of serving people the world has forgotten. We are the ONLY aid organization to go to this part of Haiti in over a generation. Let’s show some major love!




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