Dream to Reality

24 Feb

Not long ago, I shared with you some of my dreams for 2012.  One of them is for church leaders to step up and realize the seriousness of domestic violence in their own congregations.  One easy way to understand how small actions can make a huge difference is to realize that 5 families can change the world for 1.3 million women each year subjected to abuse by the men that are supposed to care for them the most.

My vision is to find 5 families in each church in the nation to be safe houses for victims of abuse.  This would be safe, temporary housing for victims of domestic violence.  I also want to do widespread education of church leaders about the issue of DV and to train church leaders how to use a tool (found on documenttheabuse.com) that will revolutionize the way we assist victims of abuse.  But the truth is…in order to do these things, we need financial assistance.

There are costs to the generous families that open their doors to victims and their children.  And we need help to pay for the costs of educating church leaders all over the country.  There are many needs that will arise and they always cost something.

You may never be in a position to open your home to a victim…but maybe you have the money to give.  If you would like to give to this incredible dream, you may safely and securely donate here on our church Paypal account: http://napervillechristian.org/resources (then click on ‘online giving’)

Thank you so much for your generosity!  Your gift WILL rescue victims of domestic violence and it will educate the next generation of people who will positively change our culture.




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