Small Steps to Change the World #DV

10 Feb

I’ve shared with a lot of people recently 3 steps that I’m taking to change the culture of domestic violence in our world:

1.  5 Families can rescue 1.3 million women:  If only 5 families in each church in the United States would open their hearts and doors to victims of domestic violence, we would rescue all 1.3 million women who will be abused this year.  This week, 7 families have contacted me to volunteer to be refuges for the abused!  There is exponential potential here!

2.  The EAA for every woman:  We are doing ground-breaking work to give abused women back their voices.  The EAA will reinvent our response to domestic violence and soon, abusers will think twice before they perpetrate their terrible acts on their wives, girlfriends, and children.

3.  Prevention:  One of the core issues is that men don’t know how to be REAL men.  What if men were taught HOW to be men?  What if men sacrificed first for their families?  Imagine the impact on abuse statistics: they would drop quickly.  Why?  Because men don’t abuse women.  Only little, selfish, narcissistic boys do that.

Will you join me in this endeavor?  It will take ALL of us to make a real difference for women.  Share this with your pastor, and your friends at church.  And as we impact one woman after another…we’ll look back and see that the culture has shifted radically.




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