Domestic Violence & The War on Terror

3 Feb

Each day in the United States, 8 women are murdered by their intimate partners (  That means that in one year, over 2500 women are killed by their boyfriends or husbands.  In the 10 year War on Terror, around 4500 soldiers have been killed.  In the last 10 years, over 25000  women have been casualties of domestic violence.

Domestic violence is the leading cause of death for women ages 15-44.  We went to war for far fewer homicides than this, and it is time to take a stand.

If these statistics bother you as much as they do me, will you start to speak up about this?  Donate a tweet a day on Twitter.  Send everyone you know to this site because it WILL save lives.  Post about it on Facebook.  Talk with your pastors and community leaders.  Strategize with us.  Give voices back to women.

These women were all mothers and sisters and daughters.  Stand up for them.




2 Responses to “Domestic Violence & The War on Terror”

  1. Barbara Roberts February 13, 2012 at 5:36 am #

    Thanks for writing about domestic terrorism, Neil. That’s the right thing to call it.


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