2 Pencils and a Lot of Love in #Haiti

7 Nov

This morning after we ate oatmeal and had coffee, we headed over to one of the schools that we built in Marfranc, Haiti. We went there to connect with the children and also to bring them school supplies and vitamins. We take these things for granted but Haitians certainly don’t. In a country where the life expectancy is 51 years, you can’t take anything for granted, really.

We brought each student 2 pencils, 1 pen, a chewable vitamin, and a sticker. The excitement of these kids was unfathomable. They acted like it was Christmas morning! The joy and appreciation we felt from them was palpable. What a reality check for all of us who are numbed by the material worship in our over-fed culture.

We also got to introduce some of our team members to the kids they sponsor (so they can afford to go to school and have suitable clothes). It was a tear-jerker of a moment when Bill Inman hugged the kid he sponsors and told him with emotion washing over his face that he loved him. We all do, Bill.

Then I got the chance to meet and take a picture with Adolphe Kervens, a little boy that my friends, Heidi and Acey Ty sponsor. Heidi, thank you for your generosity and for showing Acey what is important. Ty would be so proud.

Today was a complete day. Great interactions, hard physical work, and some reflection. Tomorrow, I will have my final Haitian adventure on this trip—the long hike to Plik to check out the progress on school #4! Then a good night sleep and the long trip back to Chi-town to see my incredible family (I miss them DEARLY).




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