Grateful in #Haiti

5 Nov

Last night we were all sitting on the porch of the Kay Bo Rivye (our house in Haiti) we started talking about poverty. Now when I speak of poverty I’m not talking about poverty that most of us in the US have EVER seen. This is not poverty that the Occupy Wall Street movement understands and it isn’t even something that most of the poorest in our nation will ever experience.

In one of the markets in Marfranc, a woman was making mud cookies. That isn’t a fancy name for a delicious chocolate dessert. It is exactly what it claims to be (minus the cookie part). A child made his way up to the woman and asked for a “cookie.”. The woman packed dark mud in a bowl with some vegetable oil and gave it to the hungry boy after he gave her his money which ended up being the equivalent of 1/2 of one US cent.

Now when I hear that, I’m sad and confused about how to respond. I struggle with interacting with a people who will most likely always spend their full days trying to survive instead of learning to thrive. But…I’m also deeply grateful for all that I have. I’m going to be thinking about this a great deal over the next few days. And as we approach Thanksgiving, please join me and think about what God wants a grateful people to be like and then do.




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