Complete Helplessness in #Haiti

3 Nov

We had an amazingly uneventful trip to Haiti. That is a rare thing! Traveling to a third world nation (the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere) is not an easy thing to do. Security is different and planes aren’t on schedule and runways aren’t exactly like runways at ORD (think grass, gravel, and a goat or two). We’re missing a couple of bags but things could be way worse.

But other than that, today has been pretty awful. Why? Because we went to a medical clinic today and talked with this wonderful team of doctors and nurses and dentists from Kokomo, Indiana. And this team was doing some incredible things. Extracting abscessed teeth, healing hypertension, and giving hope. Except for a little 8 year old boy. He was brought to this clinic which operates just one week per year, about one week too late. He had a bowel perforation and the doctors sent him home to die in the arms of his mother tonight.

So tonight, a young mother will say goodbye to her little boy…because people in Haiti simply can’t afford medical care. I’m sick. I’m imagining saying goodbye to one of my little girls. It makes me miss my family so badly that I could cry. I’ve cried enough. But now what?

I happen to believe that there are enough resources in this world. We just need more people to care enough to spread them.


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