OBL~ A Christ-Follower’s Response

9 May

A week ago as I was winding down after a long and good Sunday, I turned on the news.  Within minutes, I saw initial reports that Osama bin Laden had been killed after a successful raid by a team of Navy SEALS.  I figured that it must just be hopeful thinking on Geraldo’s part (think Capone’s vault), but then the confirmation came.  Osama bin Laden, the man who designed the mass killing of over 3000 U.S. citizens in one day, would kill no more.  And I was relieved.  And to be honest with you, if I had been in Washington, D.C. at the time, I would have been celebrating with everyone in front of the White House.

But my celebration would not have been because a man was killed.  And it wouldn’t have been because OBL was finally getting the punishment he deserved.  Because in all honesty, I don’t want anyone to go to Hell.  From how I understand what the Bible says about Hell, I truly would not wish it on my worst enemy, or on our nation’s worst enemy.

But, I am so happy that one evil man will no longer be able to plot and incite violence against our country ever again.  I’m also relieved for the families of the Trade Center and Pentagon and Flight 93 victims and NYPD and NYFD and families of all of the men and women of our Armed Forces who have been KIA fighting in the War on Terror.

How “should” we feel as Followers of Jesus?  Well, I don’t think there is a formula so I want to let you off the hook a little bit.  I think you can feel relief and happy that justice was done.  But I think you can also give yourself freedom to think about eternity and how all of our actions on earth have ripple effects in the hereafter.

I am relieved and celebratory and happy and sad.  And I’m becoming increasingly ok with that tension.  How do you feel?




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