The Egyptian Uprising

30 Jan

I’ve been really troubled with the recent developments in Egypt and throughout the Middle East.  The United States is in some serious trouble.  If Mubarak is thrown out, there is a chance (some say very likely) that a more extreme government will further destabilize the already unstable Middle East.  If Mubarak stays, and the US sides with the “people” of Egypt, then we’ll have a shaky relationship with Mubarak’s Egypt in the future.  Seems like a no-win situation, doesn’t it?

So what do we do?  Unfortunately, in world affairs, countries often side with unsavory leaders because it seems to be in their personal best interest.  The problem is, it always seems to cost more in the end.  Why?  Because it is never ok to side with an oppressor.  Never.  Not for personal gain or popularity or world influence.  Never.

The Old Testament prophet, Isaiah said this: “Learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. (Isaiah 1:17)”  Until we learn that doing long-term good is better than reaping short-term relational gains, we will repeat this horrible cycle.  We didn’t learn with Iraq.  Or with Afghanistan.  And we’re still fighting those wars.  Can we learn now with Egypt?  Please, Mr. President: side with the people of Egypt.  Seek justice and encourage the oppressed people of Egypt.  Start making it right, now.

And while the world waits, let’s pray for peace and justice.




One Response to “The Egyptian Uprising”

  1. Jodi January 30, 2011 at 8:40 pm #

    My Mom and I were just talking about this today. There is so much possible fall out either way the President decides – but siding with Mubarak would be a sin. I pray we learn from past mistakes.

    Take care,

    A Mom Having Fun
    Helping Moms Work From Home

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