Stacy Peterson: a Catalyst for Change

21 Jan

Yesterday was a very sad day. It would have been
Stacy Peterson’s 27th birthday. Stacy should have celebrated
with her four kids and all of the people who loved her. But
she couldn’t do that. Stacy disappeared on October 28th, 2007
and has never been seen again. As sad as the day was, it also
served as a catalyst to me. It was a reminder to me to keep
moving because lives depend on it. It was a reminder to me
that there are women all over this nation whom live in fear at the
hands of their intimate partners. It reminded me that these
women need our voices and our belief in them and our actions to
help them find freedom. It was a reminder to me that too
often churches are NOT places that are trustworthy for these
women. None of this should be. It is an affront to the
justice and love of God. All too often we sit around in our selfish
haze of ambivalence and apathy. We are lulled to complacency
by our own satisfactions and our own lives and our judgments and
our laziness. But I must do something. We must do something. YOU must do
something. Lives of women just like Stacy depend on it. If you want to hear more about my passion for helping women whom are victims of domestic violence, please send me a note. Allow me to be a catalyst to you, as Stacy’s birthday was for me. If you want to hear a little more about my passion and the passion of some others, please listen to this radio show, recorded just
yesterday. You will find me in the second hour of the show.




One Response to “Stacy Peterson: a Catalyst for Change”

  1. Barbara Roberts January 21, 2011 at 6:19 pm #

    Thanks Neil
    keep up the good work. Oh that more men in the church were saying these things! I so often find that people in the church can make ‘motherhood’ statements condemning domestic abuse, but when the rubber hits the road in actual cases they have to deal with, their practice falls far short of their rhetoric. People like you keeping the topic alive helps the slow process of change in the church.

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