Conflicting Worlds

17 Nov

We made it to the Matthew 25 guest house in Port-au-Prince last night and suddenly that forgotten-but-familiar feeling struck me: I have a love-hate relationship with Haiti.

I love getting out of my comfortable suburban life because it reminds me that I’m more privileged than almost any other people in the world. I hate it because I feel so helpless. Helpless to “fix” broken lives. Helpless to heal broken bodies and hearts. Helpless to lift the poor out of poverty that is as bad as anywhere in the world.

To be honest, I also hate the creeping moments of fear that I have. We learned last night that some Americans were kidnapped a while back in Port-au-Prince. Not fun to hear but we stay as safe as we can.

But then my conflicting experiences began to subside and what happened was the start of something other-worldly. I had heartfelt conversations with three guys on my team. We talked about faith and life and marriage and what we were doing in Haiti. And we also saw the most compelling aftershocks that the earthquake and the hurricane had to offer. 15 feet from our guest house in PAP was a rickety tent city “housing” families like yours and mine. That temporary situation that we all know is not temporary at all. Nothing is temporary in Haiti. There is really no hope for change. No industry. No jobs. No nothing.

But in the midst of overwhelming and desperate poverty, I have a strong sense that God has us right where he wants us for this time. God is working in and through us.

As I sit here writing on the porch of the Kay Bo Rive (house by the river) drinking a deliciously strong cup of Haitian coffee, my conflicting worlds are beginning to seem more like partners instead of adversaries.


One Response to “Conflicting Worlds”

  1. Whitney November 17, 2010 at 3:25 pm #

    Ah, to be back on the Kay Bo Rive porch. One of the most influential places I’ve ever been. Keep the insights coming. I will be thinking over this one the rest of the day, and looking forward to doing so.

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