Koran Burning and Overcoming Evil

9 Sep

A couple of days ago, I shared my commentary on the Florida pastor, Terry Jones, who is planning a Quran-burning event to commemorate the attacks of 9-11.  It made me really upset and angry.  And apparently it has made everyone around pretty angry, both Christians and non-Christians alike.  But here’s the problem: getting upset or angry or hateful ourselves will never overcome evil.

Evil is only perpetuated when Christians enter the cycle of hate and hate other “Christians,” like the Florida guy who is hating Muslims (by burning the Koran).  But Jesus taught us a new way to live.  He said to not fight evil with evil.  It simply won’t work.  It will only create more evil.  Jesus was a game-changer and he said that if we want to overcome evil, that we need to do good.

So today, if you claim the name of Jesus, I want to encourage you to run from evil and do some good in your corner of the world.  Regarding the Koran-burning pastor…leave him to his 15 minutes of shame and pray that God would get his attention.  Until then, contact a Mosque in your city and tell them that you are on their side and that the Florida pastor’s actions sicken you, too.

So right now, take 5 minutes and Google “Mosques in “your town.””  Then send an email or phone call of love and support to them.  I did and it was amazing!  Do good.  Overcome evil.




4 Responses to “Koran Burning and Overcoming Evil”

  1. Jay September 10, 2010 at 10:06 am #

    Your article is nothing but hot air. Who said anything about hate? And who are you to judge a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and call him evil? Mr. Neil, maybe you didn’t listen to Dr. Jones intentions. His intention is to send to message to the radical element of Islam that we don’t want their Sharia law in America. Is that what you want? Sharia law in America? If anything, Dr. Jones act is an act of love!! When Jesus returns, what do you think is going to happen to the Koran? Every last one of them is going to burn because every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Is that hate friend? No!! That is truth. That is the Word of God, and God is Love. So before you cast judgment and call something evil and hateful that is not, do a little homework and try to understand what is going on. Also, you need to check your own fruits as well.

    • Neil Schori September 10, 2010 at 1:39 pm #


      Your response is quite defensive. I never claimed that Pastor Jones was evil. His actions, however, are at best both unnecessarily provocative and unwise.

      I am not “for” the actions of any extremists, whether Christian or Muslim. Those actions are always destructive. Pastor Jones says that he is against extremist Islam. I am, also. Why? Because Muslim extremists indelibly imprinted themselves on America on 9-11. They are frightening and dangerous.

      So tell me, Jay, how burning Qurans will have any positive outcome on what extremist Muslims want to do to our country.

      So yes, Jay, I have done my homework. In the end, good will triumph over evil of every kind.


  2. ann September 10, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

    Sorry Neil,
    Subjugation is not the answer to fight evil. I don’t agree with the Pastor in wanting to burn the Koran, but it certainly brought out the worst, that we all know exists, in the Muslim followers, and for those who want to inundate us with lies on how peaceful and loving the Islamic religion is, they now have black eyes. And, there are times that evil cannot be trumped by good and standing there and turning the other cheek 9 x 9 x 99 times does nothing but renders you weak and cowardly in the eyes of evildoers. I prefer the Judeo concept that you turn the cheek twice. One of my two minors in college was Religious History, and we studied all religious from their historical, not religious viewpoints. For a religion that was not conceived until 500AD,by a former atheist,Mohammed (after he acquired a sheet,set of sandals and plenty of cash from an older widow that he married for her money),the Muslims have been the puveyors of evil from day 1,with a hatred for the Hebrews and Christians(as the by-products of Judiasm). [They] reached back into time to claim their religion is the true one springing from Ishmael (by way of Sarah’s handmaiden)and his 12 sons that comprised the 12 Arab tribes, as the real son of Ambraham and not Issac, the son of Abraham and Sarah, who through his son Jacob the 12 twelve tribes of Israel came into being. The Koran does not speak of peace and love, and unlike the Judeo and Christian bible, the word LOVE is NEVER mentioned in the Koran. How can a religious paradigm that does not say “Love one another as I have loved you,” or “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” have any concept of decency, sensitivity and religious tolerance? Why is this Pastor, who did nothing but make a statement, the recipient of sactions, and admonishments, name calling and being cast as the villian who might trigger off the tantrums and death threats, and mass murder of innocents, well associated with Muslims, if you say the wrong word or dare mention Mohammed without respect. And yet, we have seen the Muslims invade, behead, and then dismantle churches and synagogues in the name of Islam to build their Mosques on the top of what they determine are the outward religious symbols of the “infidels” for centuries. The Muslims have had a plan since the fall of the Ottoman Empire and they have long memories. They have surreptitiously immigrated to every western country until they have blocs in which to creat chaos, and play the victim while casting the people of those countries in the role of the agressors in order to establish a Muslim base from which they intend to force their religion and its barbaric Sharia law on everyone until we are all subjected to a religion that is intolerant not only of other religions but of woman and other sects of its religion. In a way, maybe God had something to do with this event, and Pastor Jones was his instrument is bringing to light the reality of what Islam is really about. God, we know works in mysterious ways, and I am waiting to see what transpires from this little light(albeit this man has been unjustly crucified) that he has brought to shine on a dark plot that must be diverted.

    • Neil Schori September 10, 2010 at 3:17 pm #


      Thanks for all of your thoughts on this issue! I agree with you that sometimes we get hurt when we offer something good in the face of evil. However, Jesus never promised that we would be well-received. On the contrary, he promised that we would have trouble, but that he would be with us.

      Treating Muslims or anyone else, for that matter, with kindness may leave you with a black eye. But Christians are called to care for others not on the basis of reciprocity, but out of obedience to Christ. We may very well end up with black eyes on multiple occasions.

      This is NOT weakness. It is the ultimate display of strength that only God can give when we continue to do good in the face of evil. That is God’s economy! Scripture teaches us that in our weaknesses, Christ is made strong.

      Ann, Jesus subjugated himself to the point of death…for us…so that we may live. We also should be known for love that looks just like that.



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