Grace-giver Grace-needer

13 May

The last couple of weeks have been difficult.  Some of it has just been life’s struggles that are simply inevitable.  But there is more…it has been the build up of relational tension and confusion and it has left me depleted and tired and frustrated.  Then there’s the third part…the part that I’m not so proud of.  Because I’ve caused some of my own problems by saying some thoughtless things and hurting someone’s feelings.

It is easier to feel frustrated and alone when I have not been the cause of the strife, but when I add to my own problems and to other peoples’ problems, I’m left feeling guilty and hopeless.

But here’s the deal: we are all strugglers on life’s journey.  We will offend and we will be offended.  The question isn’t “can I do life perfectly?”  The question is, “when I mess up, what will I do with it?”  Will I get lost in self-pity or self-loathing or will I get up and apologize and change my ways and receive grace?

This week I’ve needed grace like I’ve needed my next breath and I’ve needed to dispense grace in the same way.  Today I choose to forgive.  And let go.  And receive.  And change.  And drink deeply of over-flowing grace.  What will you choose?




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