Re: Fresh Mission

30 Oct

A lot of times in churches, we’re tempted to think of growth in a distinctly secular way.  We think that if we are growing in number each Sunday then we must me doing something right.  We think that building bigger buildings means that we are doing something that is honoring to God and reaching more people.

At NCC, we are doing something that is pretty different than kind of thinking.  This Sunday, we are down-sizing our services.  That’s right, we’re going from having 2 services each Sunday to just 1.

Don’t misunderstand…we’re not doing this because we’re shrinking in size.  We’re definitely growing!

We are doing this because we believe that it is more important for NCC to move forward together in our new vision than it is to just add more services.  So, we are going to pull together and get to know each other more and become more and more like the first church in the book of Acts.

So, we’re not following traditional models for church growth, and we’re actually pleased with that.  But here is what I know…as we unite around the mission that God has given us, he will bless our obedience and we’ll be a church that is helping people on their journeys to truly become followers of Jesus.



P.S.  See you Sunday at 10am!


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