A Thriving Mission

12 Sep

Have you ever had the sense that something was just not QUITE right, but that you couldn’t pinpoint the problem?

I felt that way a couple of weeks ago after a GREAT day at my church, NCC.  I left the building and started my drive home and suddenly thought about all of the things we do in the church.  We have programs to help people grow in their knowledge of scripture…programs designed to be entertaining to our youth…programs to help make marriages thrive.  Honestly, programs for about everything.  But that’s not all…

We also are reaching outside the walls of our church on an ever-increasing basis.  We are caring for the poor and dis-enfranchised, the forgotten, lost, and abused.  These are all GOOD things.

But I was still unsettled and over the next few days, I started to define the problem: NCC had been headed in a LOT of good directions, but just not all at the same time with the same vision and same philosophy.

After a GREAT meeting last week with the church leadership, I have a renewed energy and excitement for where NCC will be headed in the coming years…together/united by the simple plan of Jesus, we will move toward a truly thriving mission.  And.  I.  Can’t.  Wait.




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