Death-Bed Weddings and Doing the Right Thing

10 Jul

I just read an article on one of the on-line news sites that asked the question: “Why do people have death-bed weddings when they had no intentions of getting married before their loved one was diagnosed with a terminal illness?”

Just recently, Farrah Fawcett (and a lot of other celebrities) died…but right before her death, her boyfriend (and father of her son, Redmond), Ryan O’Neal asked her to marry him.  This was not a new thing.  Over their 29 year relationship, O’Neal had reportedly asked Farrah to marry him multiple times and she always said no.  She was comfortable in her relationship, I guess.

A lot of people seem to be comfortable in their relationships and don’t seem to see much of a point in getting married.  I’ve heard tons of excuses…ranging from “I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me I’m married,” to “my parents got divorced and I could never trust someone enough to get married.”

I’m not writing to judge peoples’ reasons for not wanting to get married.  I fortunately married the right woman, and I have an incredible marriage.  So, I don’t carry the emotional baggage that a lot of people do as they enter into relationships.

But, here is what is interesting: why is it that when life seems to be nearing its end, that many people suddenly adopt more traditional or biblical values?

I think it is pretty simple.  I believe that deep-down, people believe that marriage is right.  It is the right thing to do because God ordained it.  Just like the old war saying that there are “no atheists in a fox-hole.”  In other words, when life may end, people want to find the truth and live in the truth.

Does this happen for everyone?  Of course not.  There are some people who persist in having life “their way, right away (thanks Burger King)” all the way to the end.  But whether they do it consciously or not, many people seek to do the right thing as life begins to ebb away.

So why not just do it now?  That is what I’m striving to do…more and more each day.




One Response to “Death-Bed Weddings and Doing the Right Thing”

  1. Taylor July 10, 2009 at 8:36 am #

    So true, Neil. Good word.

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