Easter 2009

9 Apr

I have hope because of the resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus was a true game-changer.  He entered the scene and said such radical things like: “Love your enemies,” and “love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  He flipped the religious establishment over and he liberated women.  He dined with tax collectors but shunned the ones that thought they had figured it all out.  He gave hope to sinners and prostitutes and disappointed the people that wanted a victorious political and military leader.

Today, I’m overwhelmed by Good Friday coming tomorrow and Easter Sunday and the overwhelming love of the king who abdicated his throne because he loved me, and limited his own power and allowed people just like me to abuse and mock him, so that people just like me could be changed and then spend eternity with him.

What love.  And sacrifice.

I’m humbled and grateful.

Happy Easter.  May the peace of Jesus reside in your heart.


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