A Calling

25 Feb

Have you ever had a day when no matter what you’ve been doing, you’ve had this sense  that you were supposed to do more?

All day today, I’ve had this overwhelming sense that God has been calling me to greater things.  I don’t mean to fame or to riches, but to things that bring real life.

I believe that Jesus is calling the church to connect with the world just like he did while he was on earth.  Jesus ate with prostitutes and tax collectors and cared for the poor and sick and dying.  He told us what true religion is and he told us that offering one of the unnoticed people in society a cup of water is like giving him a cup of water.

When are we going to wake up and give God more than just so-so church attendance?  When are we going to embrace the cross and the suffering that comes with it?  Knowing that in order to live that we must die first.

God, please keep me unsettled for your grand purposes and help us to look forward to living out lives that are so radically counter-cultural.




2 Responses to “A Calling”

  1. Jamey April 28, 2009 at 4:43 pm #

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing my thoughts on this.
    I think it is sad when you think of all the people who are hurting outside the four walls of a church, who are not experiencing the love or compassion of Christ because they have been ignored by the very people that should be loving them. One thing I could never understand is why do we expect the hurting to come to us. Why, as christians, are we not going to them? Why do we spend a few hours a week in a church and think that is all we are called to do? Meanwhile people are out there and they are suffering, they are lonely, they are afraid, they are hurting and they are looking for someone, anyone, who will acknowledge them. Anyone who will accept them. Anyone who will love them. I wonder how many christians have passed them by. It is sad when our ears are deaf to their cries, and our eyes blind to their tears.

    • Neil Schori April 28, 2009 at 5:16 pm #

      Great thoughts, Jamey! You echo my exact sentiments. I’m frequently grieved by how the church falls far short of what God has called us to be. We are called to go…not wait for people to come to us. I will be part of making a difference, and I can tell that you will be too!


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