20 Dec

This has been an amazing year for so many reasons.  I’m so proud of my family…God has blessed me with three beautiful daughters and a wife who shows me each day how to continue to have a wonderful marriage.

I’m proud of NCC.  It is exciting each morning to wake up and go to a church that is listening and responding to what God is doing.  I’m excited that we are moving from knowing what God says to doing what he tells us to do.  THAT is a big and profound jump and I know that it makes God smile.

It has been a tough year too.  There have been many relational struggles and many people have had profound difficulties with their health.  Sometimes those things have made the year feel long and drawn out.

Through all of these things and many more, God had shown his faithfulness and I’m grateful today for that.

Lord, please continue to show us your faithfulness in 2009, no matter what the year brings.




One Response to “2008”

  1. TR January 8, 2009 at 7:29 pm #

    You truly have a neat family. When I walked up to your front door on Christmas Eve, Hannah was smiling and waving at me. As I got closer, I saw 14 month old Ava Grace walking toward the door smiling.

    In a few minutes, I was sitting at your table with Brandi and you across the table with Mia Faith and Ava Grace on one knee and Hannah right next to me. Wow, what fun!

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