The Church Transforming

1 Nov

The church is on a journey.  Really.  All churches should be striving to follow Christ to a fuller extent, but at NCC, we are specifically on a journey that began at the start of this year.  We’ve heard a lot about change during this Presidential campaign, but we actually want to do it, and I can’t say that I necessarily “buy it” when the candidates make that claim…but anyway, back to the point…

You see, at NCC, we’ve realized the need to pay attention not only to the people who call NCC their church home, but also to those throughout our community.  We realize that it is not enough to have good Sunday services and programs to draw people into our church.  Some may never come anyway.  So, we have to go to them.

And afterall, isn’t this what Jesus told us to do?  His parting words gave us the instructions that the church was supposed to follow…to go into the world.  Well, we haven’t always been the best at that, but we are going to work at doing things a lot differently.

That is the vision that we are following, and we thank God for it.  We are on a journey…not onto the latest fad.

Will you join us this Sunday to learn about what it means to become a more externally focused church?




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