Consumer-Driven Churchianity

13 Oct

Yesterday at church I shared a message that was challenging to the whole church.  I know that because it was hard for me, too.  I talked about how if our doctrine is un-checked that dangerous teachings can slide into the church and give us the wrong view of the whole Gospel story.

One of the biggest dangers that I see today in the church is a vicious strain of consumer-driven Christianity, which is really no Christianity at all.  This kind of Christianity makes us believe that church is all about us.  You know what I mean, don’t you?  “That pastor better preach a good one today.”  “I HATE the songs that the worship guy plays.”  We’ve all said it or at least thought it, right?

We must not give into this type of selfish thinking.  Let’s put a little bit of this “passion” for ourselves and desires into something that really matters…reaching an unbelieving world with a Gospel that puts Jesus at the center…NOT us.




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