Resurrected Marriages

6 Oct

About a week ago I saw the movie Fireproof with my staff.  I was pleasantly surprised for a lot of reasons!  It was not a typically cheesy Christian movie.  Oh..come on, you know what I mean!!

It was well made and I could see it going over well in churches and in the secular world, as well.  The most important thing about this movie is that it well-represents the struggles that real people have in real marriages.  After seeing it, my passion for marriage ministry really got ramped-up again.  On November 8th, I’m pleased to tell you that we will be having our second Marriage R&R event at NCC.  We will have a guest speaker, and you don’t want to miss her.  Her name is Jodi Mitchell, and she is an experienced counselor and I know that she will shed her expert-insight on marital issues.

Make sure you come to this event, no matter what state your marriage is in,  Oh…and go see Fireproof.  I think it should be required viewing for all married couples.  I believe it will be used to save many, many marriages.




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