Change I can believe in?

17 Sep

It strikes me that in this presidential campaign that the overall theme is that no one likes George Bush and that everyone wants change.  As I’ve thought about this, I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing is really new about that…

In 1992, people were tired of George Bush and his failure to live up to his promise of “no new taxes,” so Clinton won in a landslide.  In 2000, the country was tired of democrats who had promised change and arguably delivered on some and underperformed on others, so George Bush was elected.  He enjoyed incredible popularity related to how he handled 9-11 and then came term #2 in 2004 and he’s been horribly unpopular because of a lot of unpopular decisions.

So what is new here?  Do you really think Obama or McCain will bring about the “change,” or reform that they both promise?  Yeah…RIGHT.

So what does it take to bring about real change?

Beyond politics, I’ve been considering this question for some time now.  I’m thinking about change in my church, as we’ve seen the demographic of the church steadily shift to include the younger generation over the last year since I’ve been the Lead guy on staff.  I’ve seen beliefs and attitudes challenged and I think we are starting to ask good questions now, but I really wonder if in the overall scheme of things that in the next few years we will have experienced an overall transformation in the way that we do things or if it will be the “normal” ebb and flow of the political type “change” that we see in our country repeated election cycle after election cycle.

I know that I won’t we satisfied with that sort of change in the church.  I won’t be satisfied until as individuals we really care about what Christ cared about while he walked the earth.  I won’t be satisfied with just “doing” church on Sundays, because the church is about people…not programs…not the order of the service…not about how loud the drums are.

Church is (should be) about caring for those in need.  It is about giving hope to the poor.  It is about remembering orphans and widows as if they were our own.  It is about revolutionary love and forgiveness and healing and restoration.  It is about freedom to live the way we were intended to live.  With Christ we can do this…if we put aside our petty preferences and differences and choose to live his way…sacrificially and generously.

That is change that I can believe in…how about you?




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