Being the Church @ Bluff

16 Aug

So today we went back to Bluff Park.  Now Bluff Park is an area in East Aurora and our church decided about 6 months ago that God was calling us to create relationships with some people who need to see a little bit of Jesus-love in a really impoverished area.

Today we took a one-day Vacation Bible School to the area and stuffed everyone with McDonald’s hamburgers and snow cones (thanks to Nila!).

Of all of the things that happened today, I can say “hands-down” what the best part was…

As we were loading up in the cars to go, our little buddy Marcus came up to us and said that he loved each of us.  As if that were not touching enough, he added “when you guys come here, this doesn’t feel like a park…it feels like a church.”

Isn’t that what it is all about?  We are supposed to be Jesus to a hungry and thirsty world.  A world hungry for a hamburger and a touch of other-worldly grace.

God, we thank you for such a wonderful experience at Bluff Park.  Please give us many more as we reach out to your people with your love.




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