Two Great Things

25 Jun

The last few days have been very divinely inspired…and I don’t take such language for granted. On Saturday, my church went back to Bluff Park in East Aurora and we served the community hundreds of hot dogs and a lot of lovin’.

I wasn’t sure what the neighborhood would think of us because it had been about 3 months since we were last there. As soon as we arrived, kids started pouring out of their homes and let us know that they remembered exactly who we were…that was so heart-warming!

Two kids stick out in my mind and they happen to be brothers. Mikos is the younger brother and Marcus is the older (and WAY bigger) and very protective brother. Mikos rode his bike right up to me and said “hey…I remember you. You said that you would come back and you did!” His brother rode over to me and said “I still wear that puffy coat that you guys gave me when you came here before.”

These were just a couple of the wonderful encounters that I had at Bluff Park. It was a very blessed day and I know that God’s heart was warmed at the sight of his people dropping dividing lines of pretense and demographics and region and stigma and societal status to just hang out together and to start the important work of building relationships.

As if all of that wasn’t enough (and my right shoulder has REALLY had enough of spinning kids on the Bluff Park merry-go-round) I also had a tremendous morning as I had the privilege of meeting Kirsten Strand, who is the Director of Community 4:12 @ Community Christian Church in Naperville. Yep…we met at the typical place that we pastoral types like to frequent…Starbucks (even though their Pike Place Roast has made me like them just a little bit less recently).

Kirsten is a wealth of information and energy and passion for life and for ministry that fulfills Jesus’ call to us to love ‘the least of these.’ She and her husband and family have now lived on the East side of Aurora for about a year now. Kirsten believes in the concept of relocating to the area in which you already minister, and she gave me a lot of food for thought on that one, too.

God is surely up to something! I’m so excited to see what God will do as he goes about his business of transforming hearts in the Naperville area and in the East Aurora area, too.

Lord, thank you for lighting and guiding my steps over the past few days. Please lead me and Naperville Christian Church into the next adventure that you have chosen for us. Help us to be bold and courageous. Please bless CCC and the incredible work that Kirsten is doing through Community 4:12.




One Response to “Two Great Things”

  1. jimcord June 26, 2008 at 5:19 pm #

    Walking the walk. I love what Neil is doing at NCC, and as always, there is no such thing as coincidence. God put you in the path of Community 4:12. you both fall under the all action no talk school of thought. That’s what Christ did, and the mind set of a true Christ-follower. Too many churches/believers talk and plan and form committees and boards and 5 years later they’re still talking and planning. Lives and eternity is at stake, the enemy doesn’t wait for a quorum or majority to strike, we can’t afford to either. God bless you all, and your genuine hearts.
    -Jim Cordano

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