What Does Father’s Day Mean To You?

13 Jun

I realize that Father’s Day brings up all sorts of emotions for people. Some people had absent fathers and the day feels empty and is a sad reminder of what could/should have been. For others, the day is a celebration of good ol’ American grilling gluttony. For me, it is definitely different (except I probably will enjoy a couple of grilled yummies, too).

I am blessed to have a fantastic dad. My dad has always been there for me. When I was little, I remember that my dad always made me a priority in his life. Each day of the summer, my dad and I would take long bike rides on the back country roads and enjoy an ice cream sundae on our screened porch afterward. There was never a time that I wanted to play catch or play horse with my dad that he didn’t drop what he was doing to go out with me to play.

There has never been one time in my life where my dad has not followed through on a promise that he has made to me…not even once.

My dad’s example of being a good dad extends far beyond my youth. As a college student, my dad told me that if there was EVER a time in my life when I got myself in trouble with anything, anywhere in the whole world, that all I had to do was call him and he would get on a plane and come to get me…anywhere/anytime.

What’s really amazing about this is that my dad’s father died when he was 5 years old. My dad never had an example of what a dad was supposed to be, yet he became a shining example of fatherhood.

I don’t know what kind of emotions Father’s Day brings for you, but I know this…regardless of what kind of earthly father you’ve had (or didn’t have), you have a heavenly father who wants to have a relationship with you. He wants to wrap his arms around you and to tell you how important you are to him.

Lord, thank you for the dad that I have. Please bless him this Father’s Day in all that he does. Please help me to follow my dad’s example and to be the best dad that I can be to my beautiful girls. And for those who are fatherless and orphans, please show them your deep and unfailing love.




One Response to “What Does Father’s Day Mean To You?”

  1. tom schori June 13, 2008 at 12:48 pm #


    Wow! Thank you for the kind words. You are truly a blessing.


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