28 May

I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine today at a Starbucks that is near the church.  My friend was telling me that he thinks that God is teaching him patience regarding his new business opportunity.  He has encountered trial after struggle after tribulation as he has waited for all of the pieces to fall into place so that the business can really take-off.

As I started to encourage him about his waiting period and frustration, he told me that he knew that God was going to come through.  He said that God has been teaching him what it meant in scripture when it says that God desires obedience more than sacrifice.

I think that I understand that concept more than ever now.  There is nothing that we can sacrifice that is not already owned by God.  We have nothing without him…period.  When we “sacrifice” something, we are acting like God, but it isn’t the same thing as obedience.

Obedience means that with all of the choices we have in our lives, we still choose to do what God asks of us.  Scripture tells us that if we claim to love God, but we then do not do what he tells us to do, that we are liars.  Obedience then, proves to God that we love him.  Part of obedience includes sacrifice, but we can’t sacrifice anything to God and be pleasing to him without first being obedient.

Lord, please help us to order our lives in a way that is pleasing to you.  Help us to be obedient to what you tell us to do so that in the end, we will be found in you.




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