circumstantial religion

26 Apr

A lot of us think that if only our situations would change…then we would be satisfied. You know what I mean…if only your wife would stop nagging you or if only you didn’t have that chronic illness…then you would be content with your life.

I would argue that if you were the wealthiest and healthiest person on the face of the earth, you still would not be as content as you think you would be. Do you know why? We are looking to a blessing instead of looking to the Source of the blessing.

If we count on good circumstances to establish our peace and satisfaction, then conversely, when life offers us unfavorable circumstances, then we are no longer peaceful and content.

The Source is Jesus Christ. When we look to him, we can rest assured that he is bigger than both the lows and the highs of our lives.

I pray that God will help you and me live lives that are not tossed around by the happenings of our lives. Lord, help us live lives characterized by contentment that is not based on anything but your goodness.


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