10 Reasons: Re-Visited

16 Apr

I’ve noticed that a lot of interest was generated by my last post, “10 Reasons that I’m a Christian.” I’ve been both criticized and supported by various individuals. While I am naturally inclined to a take part in a good debate (I almost went to law school), I am choosing to not respond to the other author’s latest response. Why? Because argument is no way to win anyone over to become a Christ-Follower.

The author of the other post is clearly a well-versed individual, and there is nothing that I write that will be so incredible as to make him give up his atheism. And, I might add that I do not believe that should be my goal. It is my goal to demonstrate the love of Christ. The other author clearly knows what I believe and he knows that I do not agree with his world-view. What I hope will differentiate me in his eyes from other Christ-Followers is this: grace and love that are not based on others’ treatment of me.

That is something that cannot be the result of anything other than a loving God.




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